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Washing Machine Buying Guide

Choosing the washing machine

The washing machine is , with refrigerator , one of the most present appliances in homes. Over 94 % of the French have one. And contrary to appearances, the " washing machine " never ceases to innovate ... logged Laundry , cleaning and smoothing steam washing by air bubble or recirculating water , Inverter Motor , these are the last innovations offered by manufacturers. Faced with the range and number of models on offer , consumers must learn to navigate.

Top or front ? What type of washing machine choose?
Size, width , height, depth , installation under a work surface, removable top, here are some items to consider before buying a washing machine.

Long specific to the French market , the "top" still captivate a third of the French for their narrow width : 40 to 46 cm . Their capacity varies from 5 to 8 kg maximum machine . But these machines loading washing over disappear in favor of another washing machine category, the Front .

In front-loading, the window washer, also called frontal, are now the most sold on the French market. Their advantages? Can be installed under the worktop in a kitchen or bathroom or supporting a front dryer in "column", with the installation of a stacking kit between the two devices. In the latter case, choose two devices of the same brand, or, failing that, from the same manufacturer.

Mostly "freestanding", the "front" are also available as integrated version for fixing a decorative door on their front side. Avowed purpose: to hide the washing machine from the furniture with a kitchen. Very popular in the UK, this trend is not widespread in France.

The front usually measure 60 cm wide and 85 feet high to a swing capacity between 5 and 12 kg. However, new categories of frontal arrive in France:

- The "slim" ( "thin" in English) are front machines limited depth window: between 33 and 45 cm. They measure 60 cm wide and their capacity varies between 4 and 6 kg.

- The compact machines as wide as the "slim", these front are also shallow. Their ability is less than 5 kg.

- The "big size" to American dimensions are out in the early 2000. More wider and higher than conventional front machines, the washing machine outside the norm - from 12 to 15 kg of laundry - tend to disappear. Bosch, Whirlpool and Hotpoint have now stopped their marketing.

Good to know
Install the washing machine on a work plan
In France, the work plan of a kitchen or bathroom is historically at a height of 85 cm from the ground or the height of a frontal washing machine. To drag a device under the work plan of 3 cm thick, the height of your washing machine should not exceed 82 cm. The top, upper part of the washing machine, is traditionally taken to stay below this height limit. But this operation is made more difficult on current washing machine. The race for large capacities that manufacturers now utilize previously reserved 3 cm at the top, with the consequence of making immovable. Other manufacturers choose, for aesthetic reasons, to increase the height of the strip up to 85 cm. The top can remain removable "on paper", but the height of the washing machine to the band level remains 85 cm. Unable to push the machine to the bottom of the slot. The band then may exceed front ... Finally, if you remove the top of your washing machine, be aware that it is recommended to replace it with a "lid" of a few millimeters thick, which will isolate the inside the washing machine.

classic or washer dryer?
This is a question that arises when one has limited space. Both washing machine and dryer, the 2-in-1 does not have only advantages. Our washing machine drying buying guide reveals the advantages and disadvantages of this solution trusted by 5 to 10% of French only.

What capacity for what purpose?
The myth that "over the drum capacity, the less need there is to do laundry, so it is more economic" does not always hold. Our tests show that all the washing machine does not adjust their consumption in proportion to the amount of laundry introduced. On the other hand, we systematically fills a large capacity washing machine to its maximum capacity? The maximum dry linen capacity applies to the cotton program and sometimes some additional programs such as "White". But for specific programs or fragile, the maximum capacity is less. Thus, the max capacity of synthetic textile generally does not exceed 50% of the capacity of the cotton program. Illustration with the following instructions:

spin speed, what interest?
The spin speed washing machines increased in the last 15 years to now reach 1  000 to 1  600  rpm . The main interest of intensive spin is to extract more water from textile fibers. Your clothes will become less humid drum and will be even quicker to dry. If you own a dryer , duration of operation and therefore power consumption will be reduced. Given the difference in consumption between a washing machine motor and the resistance of a dryer, better opt for a better spin.

The downside, however, since the maximum spin is not compatible with all types of textiles. So delicate programs, wool, silk or "hand wash" spin speed limit a few hundred towers, far from the maximum spin speed.

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